PE PLC 2015-2016

  1. In your opinion, what went well this past year for our PLC?

  1. What would make the PLC more valuable for you?

  1. What are your thoughts about roles within this group? Would you prefer:
    a shared facilitation to continue this way for next year
    having a specific, designated facilitator (or co-facilitators) for the whole year?

  1. Any comments on question 3

  1. Now that we have completed our observation grid for sensitive and responsive care, how do you see it being used?

  1. What goal would you put down for our PLC for next year? (Note that district-wide, the goal is to look at data and student outcomes as much as possible to drive instruction.)

  1. Would more time to work on goals be more beneficial? If yes, please answer question 8

  1. How would more time to work on goals be beneficial? Please choose an option below.
    More time in one setting(ie Friday am once a month for more time)
    Meeting more than once a month for an hour at a time

  1. Any other comments, questions or concerns you have regarding the PLC?