Mod 9 assignment Vasquez,Michee

survey over chapters 14/15


  1. Do you feel that children should be covered by state or government funds if their parents can afford (earning above Medicaid guidelines) to purchase the coverage but choose not to?

  1. What are your opinions about Obama Care?

  1. Do you feel Obama Care has helped or hurt Americans as far as providing better healthcare options?

  1. How many of you have purchased coverage using the allowances allowed to help people purchase coverage?

  1. What are your opinions about managed care and HMO'S? Which do you have or prefer?

  1. How do you feel about lowering the cost of Medicare for our elderly? When they reach a certain amount they are subject to paying on their own out of pocket, also known as "the donut hole". Some elderly cannot afford this part and therefore do without medications in order to pay bills

  1. How do you feel about individuals who receive Medicaid being subjected to drug testing and possibility of losing benefits due to testing positive?

  1. Do you feel that Medicaid should be paying for gastric bypass surgeries for the obese?

  1. What limitations do you think should be placed on inmates in the correctional system?

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