Student Survey: Tamanend Clubs Fal1 2016

This survey will allow you to share your ideas with the Tamanend staff and allow you to make suggestions for fall clubs that you would like to see offered here at TMS. Please submit your online survey by Tuesday, September 13, 2016.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Tamanend Clubs must fulfill one of the following areas: health/wellness, socialization, technology or other content area knowledge. Please check the areas that apply to your club suggestion.*
    Health/Wellness - my club will get students physically moving and/or teach them about healthy eating habits.
    Socialization - my club will provide a positive, respectful interaction between students and with an adult.
    Technology - my club will allow students enrichment in the area of technology.
    Content Area Knowledge - my club will enrich students in a particular subject area. (i.e. Spanish Club, or Science Olympiad)
    School/Community Service - my club will help improve things at Tamanend or in the community (i.e. Environmental/Recycling Club, Gardening Club, etc.)

  1. The name of your club that you are suggesting is...*

  1. Please give a brief description of your club...*

  1. Would you be willing to volunteer as the student leader for this club?
    Yes, I am willing to help run this club along with a supervising teacher.
    No thank you.

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