Please fill in the boxes below with your thoughts.


  1. Discuss one aspect of writing that you had not thought about before participating in this online course.

  1. How did you manage your participation on this course? Did you look for other peoples' responses or did you concentrate mainly on the activities provided?

  1. What is learning? What actual picture do you have in your mind that would explain your concept of learning? Does online learning differ from other sorts of learning?

  1. Why is using different reading techniques important. Are there any reading skills you have picked up in this online course which you may not have thought about before?

  1. If a sentence says The cowboy galloped into the town on his horse. and reader 1. reads it as The cowboy galloped into the town on his pony. and reader 2. reads it as The cowboy galloped into town on his hose.Which is the better reader and why?

  1. Which order from most useful to least useful do you think YOU need to concentrate on for more consistently accurate, fluent writing?
      improved spelling
      variety in sentence construction
      expanded vocab
      critical thinking

  1. We have had a number of discussions on this course where you may not have agreed with other writers. In such cases, how did you did you decide what to say in response?

  1. What makes conversations online more difficult than face to face conversations?

  1. As an online lecturer, my responsibility is to guide students into developing their learning, independent of traditional class times, traditional deadlines and enforced assignments. To what extent did this happen for you - you can be honest, because in my estimation is was great for some and not so good for others! Would you consider another online course?

  1. Change roles for a moment. Become an online teacher and tell me what activities you would include in a similar online course to this one.