L&D Training Satisfaction Survey - Communicating with Difficult People | Mark Lester Ensoy | February 07, 2017

Please take the time to give us your sincere and honest feedback on the training you attended, so that we'll know how we can further improve its content, facilitation, and logistics.

In measuring each line item, we will use a 5-point scale where 5 is the highest possible score.

Thank you for your time and the invaluable feedback that you will share with us.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What training program did you attend?*
    Team Leader Certification Program
    Problem Solving Workshop
    Coaching Workshop
    Effective Business Correspondence
    Communicating with Difficult People
    Basic Excel Workshop
    Advanced Excel Workshop
    Stress Management
    Team Leader Preparatory Program
    Code of Conduct
    Effective Coaching in Sales

  1. The Training Content

          1 2 3 4 5    
      I felt comfortable with the duration of the sessions.   
      I felt that the topics discussed helped me meet the learning objectives.   
      I found the training materials easy to understand, well-organized and updated.   
      I was able to apply the concepts I learned in class through the training activities and exercises.   
      I learned new knowledge and skills that will help me in performing my tasks efficiently.   
      I will be able to immediately apply what I learned.   
      I found the visual aids interesting, and they enhanced my knowledge retention.   
      I was appropriately challenged by the training material.   

  1. The Trainer: Mark Lester Ensoy*

          1 2 3 4 5    
      My learning was enhanced by the knowledge of and experiences shared by my trainer.   
      My trainer explained the purpose of each activity.   
      My trainer led productive and meaningful discussions.   
      My trainer provided timely feedback on how I can improve my performance.   
      My trainer helped me understand the importance and relevance of the topics presented in my current role.   
      My trainer recapped topics at  the end of each module.    
      My trainer was able to keep me engaged and kept me actively involved during training.   
      My trainer was easy to understand and audible all throughout training.   
      My trainer was well-groomed and adhered to the company dress code.   
      My trainer was always present and punctual.   
      My trainer was genuinely interested in my development.   

  1. The Training Logistics*

          1 2 3 4 5    
      I was properly advised of the schedule and venue of the training.    
      I was pleased with the size of the room as well as the setup.   
      I experienced minimal distractions during the session.   
      I felt that training resources and equipment provided are essential to my success.   

  1. What were the three most important things you learned from the session?

  1. What will prevent you from applying the knowledge and skills learned in the session?

  1. Please provide other comments you have on the training session that you attended.

  1. Overall, I am satisfied with the training.
    1 2 3 4 5

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