String Theory with Katy

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    Read the whole article, it’s not long

    Space, time and string theory focuses on how the string theory holds up when put into the dimensions of space and time. The article focuses on gravity and where it is in space and what causes it, and on spacetime and what causes it.

    Many people believe that the string theory and gravity, can be related to explain black hole and how they function, and the article touches on that for a brief paragraph. Using quotes from the article or related facts from the presentation, explain your thoughts on the the last question posed in the article; Is Spacetime Fundamental[to the string theory]? Do you agree with the author in the decision that no, it is not, despite reading about how it affects the string theory? Do you think that the string theory could be used to relate to black holes based off the information the paragraph gives you? Why or why not? Discuss in detail.*

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