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We are pleased to be able to offer you this professional development opportunity.

Please fill in all aspects of this form. As a friend of the SNCLC we would like to offer you this event for free.

You have the option of attending the social dinner on the 7th April at the Ha Ha Bar. This will be at an additional cost of £38.

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We would like to offer you from a range of the following activities. In order for us to finalise the program can you please identify which sessions you want to attend? (if you are a presenter of a session please confirm you are happy to still present by selecting your own presentation)

Teaching Ideas - Wiki–Wiki – Want a very quick and easy way for students to collaborate in producing websites? Want a method of consolidating, revising and presenting students work? You want a Wiki, mate? - Andy Fehler, Science Teacher, Yewlands Technology College, Sheffield, UK
Teaching ideas - Characteristics of Project ACTIVate, effective learning communities and how IWB technology provided a context for creating this effective learning environment - Paul E Engles Principal, Janet M Yelas ICT Teacher, St Mary's School Northcote Auckland New Zealand
Teaching ideas - Secondary - Sciences - Graham Hoey Advanced skills Teacher All Saints Catholic High School Sheffield

Leadership - Digital Natives and Survey Monkeys – This session will look at data gathered through recent student/pupil surveys to attempt to identify young people's perceptions of ICT provision in schools. The survey data will be set within the context of national and international research into young people's attitudes to ICT. The session will also showcase, for discussion purposes, some examples of pupils' use of ICT where they have been supported to pursue their own agendas. Jim Shelston/Barry Phillips, e-learning strategy managers, Sheffield Childrens and Young Peoples Service, Sheffield, UK
Case Study - A View on the Development of Interactive Technologies- Kevin Burden, University of Hull
Case Study - The selection and introduction of IWBs at Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School – Jan Leather Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia

Case Study - The Sheffield Family e-Learning Project –The Sheffield Family e-Learning Project – bringing families into a digital society The Family e-Learning Project is working with primary schools to engage families in e-learning and using the Internet to support their children and in their everyday lives. The families are from some of the most disadvantaged areas in Sheffield. Families are being loaned computers in return for engaging in e-learning. This workshop will inform you about the progress of the project so far, barriers facing the families and the project team, as well as hopes for the outcomes of the project. There will be some participation and an opportunity for you to ask questions. Vivian Drake, Sheffield Childrens and Young Peoples Service, Sheffield, UK
Teaching Ideas - General – IWBs Add Value – Leo Sietniekas and Kevin Burden University of Hull
Group Discussion - General – catering to the different IWB Teaching approaches of different cultures - Different cultures tend to approach education in different ways. How are different nationalities and different cultures adopting and developing the use of the interactive whiteboard and other technology. - Ros Walker, International Teaching and Learning Advisor, Promethean International

Leadership - Developing and Implementing a Strategy for IWB Integration for Years 1-12 - Mrs Marree Kaljouw and Ms Barbara Fielder, St Paul's Anglican Grammar School, Rural Victoria, Australia
Teaching Ideas - Blogging, Furling, Podcasting, Wikis – John Pearce Bellaire Primary School, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Case Study - From basic user to content creator, the role of Sheffield North CLC in staff development in its partner schools. -This discussion/presentation aims to identify the role the CLC has played in staff development in local secondary schools. Examples will be drawn from a variety of departments operating at different levels, from those who had never used an IWB before, to more IT confident departments looking for creative and innovative uses of the technology. Case studies will draw on the experiences of both CLC and school staff as they progress from initial meetings and needs analysis through to project completion. - Toby Wilson and Dean Peck, Training Officers, Sheffield North City Learning Centre, Sheffield, UK

Case Study - Smart Surfing, Keeping Children Safe on the Internet – Julia Codman, Assistant Manager Sheffield West City Learning Centre
Teaching Ideas - St Paul's Anglican Grammar School approach to Integrating ICT and now IWB into the Curriculum - Mrs Marree Kaljouw and Ms Barbara Fielder, St Paul's Anglican Grammar School, Rural Victoria, Australia
Teaching Ideas - Discussion Panel: How to Help Teachers Create Their Own e-learning Content– Catherine Moore, e-sy.info

Teacher Development - Made to Measure ICT Training for Teachers - The session will focus on how the CLC makes every effort to respond positively to requests from schools for training in a way that is both appropriate and bespoke. There will be particular emphasis on the contribution made by the Advanced Skills Teacher assigned to the City Learning Centre, whose availability significantly adds to a flexible approach in the area of IWB training. Examples will be given with the opportunity to discuss. - John Birks, Curriculum Manager SSCLC and Graham Hoey Advanced Skills Teacher, All Saints Catholic High School, Sheffield, UK
Case Studies - How St Mary’s brought together Problem Based Learning and the IWB in a teaching and learning environment and how this approach was further enhanced by the school’s own Thinking Curriculum – Paul E Engles Principal, Janet M Yelas ICT Teacher, St Mary’s School Northcote Auckland New Zealand
Teaching Ideas - Secondary – English as a Second Language – Adele and Alex Guillen, Business Development Manager, Promethean

Case Study - Major UK Project – Blended Learning Project – Andy Wynne – Sheffield South CLC
Teaching Ideas - e-learning in Practice – Catherine Moore, Content Developer and Chris Mason, Project Manager (sheffield), e-sy.info, South Yorkshire, UK
Teaching Ideas - Primary – The IWB and Literacy - Leo Sietniekas, University of Hull

I would like to attend the drink and social dinner at the Ha Ha Bar if spaces are available at an additional cost of £38 (Friday 7th April).

The cheque needs to be sent to Sheffield North City Learning Centre, Creswick Lane, Grenoside, Sheffeild, S35 8NN.


I will be taking part in the trip to the Peak District. This is free as long as spaces are available (Saturday 8th April).


If you have not already done so, please provide a brief description of the content of your presentation / case study.