Middle School "Good Citizenship" Award Nomination 2017

We have decided that students who have demonstrated special characteristics of good citizenship during the school year should be given special recognition for this during our Middle School Closing Ceremony. Since you as students have the best perspective about which of your classmates have been exceptional citizens at the School, each of you is being asked to nominate the person who has demonstrated the following characteristics of good citizenship:

• Honesty
• Politeness and being considerate to others
• School spirited
• Helpful to others
• Responsible in making the school (the student body, the campus, and our various activities) a fun, interesting, and challenging place to be

There are, of course, other good aspects to good citizenship which you can consider. Please take time to use this form to record a nomination for the “Good Citizen” Award for your grade. (These awards will be presented at our Closing Ceremony in June.)


  1. I nominate ______________________ for the “Good Citizen” award

  1. This person is a good citizen at GDS because:
    (list below specific characteristics this person has)

    Please be thoughtful with your comments and use your own words to describe the person you are nominating. Any specific examples or stories that you can share are appreciated.