Comments - materials and assessments

Please use this form to let us know of any issues with learning materials, assessments and tutor guides. We will investigate any issues raised and inform you of any actions taken.


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  1. Which course does this issue relate to?*
    Awareness of Mental Health
    Care and Management of Diabetes
    Caring for Children and Young People
    Understanding Autism
    Common Health Conditions
    Counselling Skills
    Dignity and Safeguarding
    End of Life Care
    Equality and Diversity
    Information Advice and Guidance
    Prevention and Control of Infection
    Business Administration
    Customer Service
    Dementia Care
    Team Leading
    Safe Handling of Medication
    Nutrition and Health
    Learning Disabilities

  1. Which platform does this issue relate to?*
    EQUAL (The Skills Network)
    E-assessor (The Learning Curve Group)

  1. What does this issue relate to?*
    Student learning materials
    Tutor Guide

  1. Please clearly outline the issue you have identified in as much detail as possible. where appropriate include page / question numbers.*

Innovative Learning Manager
West College Scotland