Intranet Survey March 2012

  1. Do you use MMFCU's Intranet? If no, skip to question 7. If yes, continue on to the next question.

  1. Which of the following items do you access the Intranet for?
    Learning & Development
    Marketing Evemts and Requests Calendar
    Product Knowledge
    Rate Information (Overnight, Deposit, Loan)
    Quick Links
    Clothing Information
    Community Event Calendar
    Field of Membership/Branch Location Information
    Human Resources Information
    View Newsletters
    Training Calendar

  1. Other items accessed via the Intranet:

  1. Do you find the Intranet user-friendly? Is it easy to find the information you are looking for?
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Strongly agree   Strongly disagree

  1. Do you have the Intranet set as your "homepage"?

  1. How often do you use the Intranet?
    Less than once a month
    At least once a month
    Once a week
    Once a day
    Two or more times per day

  1. Please provide any suggestions you may have to enhance the Intranet.