Critical care unit work based team

  1. How frequently should we meet?
    continue every month
    every other month
    every three months

  1. What topics are you interested in being a part of to move our units forward?

  1. Is an M.D.'s presence helpful at every meeting or should it be per invitation?
    Yes, their input is very helpful
    It doesn't matter either way
    No, I dont think their prescene is required at every meeting
    Occasional attendance, upon request, would be preferred

  1. What is the appropriate group size for the small groups?
    As many people as want to be involved

  1. Please provide any input you have regarding this new format; good, bad, ugly! I really want your honesty so we can make this as effective as possible.

  1. Salud would like your feedback regarding a closed unit. Specific topics are as follows: culture, days, nocs, excellence. I'll compile this information and get it back to him.

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