Cebu PA Christmas Party Survey

Hello! Christmas is less than a hundred days away. Please help us plan our Christmas party. OFL team needs your ideas and inputs to ensure that we will give you the best experience for our own Year End Party.

Name (optional): 

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Select your team.
    Team Lee
    Team Nadine
    Team Aril
    Team Jam
    Team Geia
    Team Ralph
    Team Nelson
    Leadership and Support (AMs, SMEs, Coaches)

  1. Preferred dress code. Choose 1.*
    Formal (Long Gowns, Tux, Barong, Suit and Tie)
    Semi-Formal (Long dresses, Coktail dresses, Button down, Blazers, Dressy Casuals)
    Costume-y (Themed costumes)
    Casual/ Dress-down

  1. Please choose your desired theme.
    Masquerade Ball
    The Great Gatsby
    Candy Wonderland
    Glam Rock
    Any Color Themes (ex. Black & White, All Blue, All Red, etc)
    Hollywood Glam
    Other. Please specify below.

  1. What other themes do you have in mind?

  1. Which of the following are you looking forward to the most?(Please select your top 3)
    Food and Desserts
    Games, Contests, Prizes and Team competitions
    DJ and/or Live Band
    Rewards and Recognitions
    Christmas Basket/Giveaways (Ham, Noche buena ingredients)

  1. Which would you rather receive? Choose one.
    Christmas Basket of Foods
    ORx PA Token (Shirt or jacket)
    Other. Please specify in #7

  1. Please specify below:

  1. Any comments, suggestions and/or violent reactions? Say it here.