Boomerang Award: November 2017 Sense of Purpose (Nominate by 11/28)

November's featured Developmental Asset is Sense of Purpose. What if you lived till you were 100? If you lived to 100, what would you want people to remember about you? Would your actions over the years reflect what you believed in and stood for? When young people think today about what they want to accomplish in their lives, it shapes their sense of purpose. Each and every young person has something unique to offer the world. Sense of Purpose is Asset 39 of Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, the qualities, experiences, and relationships that help young people grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.


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  1. Please provide the FIRST NAME of the student you are nominating.*

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  1. Please provide the student's GRADE LEVEL.

  1. Please provide three positive adjectives you would use to describe the nominee. These adjectives should reflect this month's asset, Sense of Purpose.*

  1. How does this young person show that they think today about what they want to accomplish in their lives? *

  1. Please provide specific examples of how this student demonstrates that they have something unique to offer the world.*

  1. Please provide any additional information about the student that will demonstrate how they demonstrate a sense of purpose.

  1. Please provide your name and email address/telephone number. (Please note that this is REQUIRED in order for your nomination to be recognized!)*

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Legacy Team English
Tamanend Middle School