District 3 Most Valuable Agent Voting Ballot - 2018

This award is known as the District's Most Valuable Agent Award. This will be recognition by your peers and will be more subjective than our current recognition, which is based solely on production, incentive trips, loss ratio, etc.

Please select one candidate for the MVA for your District.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Criteria For Consideration:
    - Support of Corporate Goals
    - Support of Fellow Agents (e.g.; mentoring, training)
    - Role Model for all Agents
    - Supportive and Postivie Attitude
    - Satisfactory Production Levels
    - Cooperation with and support of Federation goals & objectives
    - High Service Ethics
    - Professional Development (LUTCF, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, etc.)
    - Industry Involvement (NAIFA, SFSP, etc.)
    - Charity and Civic Involvement
    Please select one candidate for the MVA.*
    Andy Daniel
    Wayne Lucy
    Mike Wilson
    Wanda Marable
    Kevin Morris
    James Powell
    Lee Thompson
    Candie Whitus
    Bryan Bullock
    Wes Condrey
    Thomas Nunley
    Phil Hein
    Courtney Kelley
    Scott Bohannon
    Donna Lucy
    Scott Martin
    Bryant Reese
    Bruce Woerner
    Lena Chapman
    Tony Martin
    Guy Hargrave
    Karen Newman

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