PMI_Follow-Up_Survey(30days)_Advisor_EN - FE7388 SP

This questionnaire will take a few minutes to complete. Your feedback is crucial for assessing the changes achieved by this training initiative Please check the appropriate box for each item and add comments that will help us understand your ratings.




  1. What have been the biggest changes in the way you do your job as a result of attending the training?

  1. How did the training contribute to these changes?

  1. What other factors have helped you develop your knowledge or skills in this area?

  1. What changes have you seen in the way your workgroup/team/department works since the training programme?

  1. What other factors may have influenced these changes?

  1. What else could be done to improve performance in this area?

  1. . In what other ways are you planning to use the knowledge or skills you learned on the training in the future?

  1. What other things (e.g. people, equipment, knowledge, skills) might you need to help you to use your learning in your job?

  1. Looking back on the training, what suggestions do you have for improving its effectiveness in meeting your job performance needs?

  1. Please add any other comments you may have about the impact of the training on your job performance here.

  1. 11. Overall, how effective do you believe the training has been in improving your job performance? (5 VERY effective - 1 Not effective at all)
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