JA Finance Park Virtual - Post Survey 2017-2018

Please take this post-survey before starting your JA Finance Park Virtual lessons. Thank you!

  1. What grade are you in?

  1. How many times have you participated in Junior Achievement programs in the past?

  1. Your abilities include:
    The things you do well
    Your mental competence
    The skill you need to do something
    All of the above

  1. Career planning is done:
    After high school
    In college
    Throughout a lifetime
    Once in a lifetime

  1. What are the three main types of taxes?
    Income, sales, and property
    Unemployment, sales, and property
    Federal income, unemployment, and state
    Sales, property, and unemployment

  1. The total amount of earnings made over a one-year period after all deductions have been taken is:
    Gross annual income
    Gross monthly income
    Net annual income
    Net monthly income

  1. When it comes to personal savings, what does the acronym PYF stand for?
    Prepare Your Future
    Prepare Your Finances
    Pay Yourself First
    Prepay Your Finances

  1. A saver who wants her savings insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) wants
    to use this savings option
    Mutual funds
    Savings account

  1. Protection against risk is the primary reason people purchase this type of policy.
    Auto insurance
    Health insurance
    Home insurance
    All of the above

  1. An example of a financial institution is:
    A department store
    A bank
    A school
    An ATM machine

  1. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
    A debit card allows for an immediate electronic transfer of money from a cardholder’s savings or checking account
    A debit card is essentially a paper check but doesn’t require the processing time a check does.
    A debit card is handy in an emergency when you don’t have the money to spend.
    A debit card is a pay-now payment type with no grace period for payment.

  1. Lenders use credit agencies to determine
    An applicant’s credit score
    An applicant’s credit history
    Whether an applicant has any outstanding debts or defaults
    All of the above

  1. The amount of earnings made over one month, after deductions, is known as:
    Total annual income
    Net monthly income
    Gross monthly income
    Gross annual income

  1. A record of income and expenditures for a given period of time is called a(an):

  1. When budgeting, the first categories to consider are those that meet your:
    Discretionary funds
    Important expenses

  1. Thinking about your life TODAY, please answer the following questions.
    Click on the circle that best answers how you feel or think:
    1 Never
    2 Sometimes
    3 Often

            1 2 3      
      I use a personal budget to plan how I spend money. Never Often  
      I save money for the future. Never Often  
      I think about financial issues in my future Never Often  

    1 Disagree
    2 Slightly disagree
    3 Slightly agree
    4 Agree

            1 2 3 4      
      I have set goals for my future. Disagree Agree  
      I feel in control over how my future will turn out. Disagree Agree  
      Doing well at school is important to me. Disagree Agree  
      I expect to graduate from high school. Disagree Agree  
      I plan to attend at least two years of college. Disagree Agree  
      I think I will probably graduate from college. Disagree Agree  
      I believe I can create my own future. Disagree Agree  

  1. Select your teacher's name:
    Michael Jean
    Melanie Claros-Rodriguez