02 - 7961_CAT_Survey(30days)_Managers_EN

The following questions are about the last product training 30 days ago for the agents:
Completing it will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

The evaluation asks about the impact of the training on the way the participants have performed in their jobs since completion of the training.

It would be useful for you to have details of the training participants and any relevant documents and figures (such as work records and competency ratings) at hand when completing the evaluation.




A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What have been the biggest changes in the way the participants carry out their jobs as a result of attending the training?

  1. How did the training influence/contribute to these changes?

  1. What other factors have helped the participant develop their knowledge and/or skills in this area?

  1. What has helped the participants use their new knowledge or skills in the workplace? (Choose as many answers as apply.)
     Nothing
     Plenty of times when they can use them
     Knowledge or skills relevant to their roles
     Support from managers
     Encouraged by workgroup
     They did a similar course previously
     Effective tools available on the job
     Work processes support use of skills
     They had the time
     They were encouraged by early success
     Other

  1. What has stopped the participants from using their new knowledge or skills in the workplace? (Choose as many answers as apply.)
     Nothing
     No opportunities to use them
     Their jobs have changed
     Little or no support from managers
     Discouraged by workgroup
     They were applying knowledge or skills already
     Tools not available on the job
     Work processes do not support use of skills
     They have not had the time
     They tried it without success
     They do not remember course content
     Other

  1. What changes have you seen in the way the workgroup/team/department works since the training program attendance?

  1. What other factors may have influenced these changes?

  1. What else could be done to improve performance in this area?

  1. In what other ways might the participants use the knowledge or skills they learned in the training in the future?

  1. What things (e.g. people, equipment, knowledge, skills) and/or further action(s) might be needed to support the participants to use their learning in their jobs?

  1. What suggestions do you have for improving the effectiveness of the training in meeting job performance needs?

  1. . Please add below any other comments you may have about the impact of the training on job performance.

  1. . From your observation of the participants since the completion of the training, how effective has the training been in improving their job performance? (1 = Not effective. 5 = Very effective)*
    1 2 3 4 5