2018 Spanish 2


  1. This year you have taken many quizzes that have not counted towards your grade. Do you think this has been beneficial for you?

  1. Do you think it has helped or hurt your overall grade?

  1. Do you think you have done better or worse on the exams because of this?

  1. If you could choose, would you prefer that quizzes were kept as no count or were points toward your grade?
    No count
    Worth point

  1. How HELPFUL are the following activities for you when learning Spanish and thinking about your grade? (NOT how fun they are!)
    1= not helpful at all 5 = very helpful

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Conjuguemos (Level 2 verbs) 1 5  
      Vocab Drill 1 5  
      Paper pencil/book activities 1 5  
      Partner speaking 1 5  
      Ipad practice 1 5  
      Games (like tortuga or around the world) 1 5  
      Songs 1 5  
      Reading 1 5  
      Taking notes 1 5  
      Homework 1 5  

  1. What are the things that help you most in Spanish class?

  1. Is there anything else you would like me to know about things that are helpful or not helpful in this class?