Learning & Development Knowledge Integration - Workers' Compensation

Training and Development of Shearwater Health launched a skills development program known as “Learning and Development (L&D).” This project is an avenue to accelerate skills development by incorporating industry trends as the key step in becoming one of the market leaders. As Shearwater is considered a major contender in the industry, L&D is planning to reach out to our subject matter experts onshore to give us educational sessions related to industry best practices. We are conducting a survey to get your insights on what would be the critical need of the nurses in terms of understanding the practices in the US Healthcare Delivery System to focus on Workers Compensation and Payer Vertical.


  1. Select a trend of interest affecting workers’ compensation system
    Medical expenses
    Generations with increasing severe injuries
    Change in treatment guidelines and drug formularies
    Fresh approaches to pain management
    Medical Marijuana
    Early-Return-to-Work Programs (ERTW)
    Evolution of the US healthcare industry
    Aging workforce
    Opioid crisis
    Impact of case management
    Settlements and future medical care

  1. What topics would you like to see covered in a quarterly educational forum regarding Workers’ Comp vertical?

  1. What additional industry knowledge do you feel would enhance your current practice in WC?