2018 RPS C.P. Physics

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  1. Course Evaluation.

          A B C D F    
      Lab Experiments   
      On-Line Experiments   
      On-Line Homework Quiz   
      Classroom Participation   
      Review Games   
      Research Projects   
      Course Pace.   

  1. Course Grade.
    A B C D F

  1. Instructor Evaluation.

          A B C D F    
      The instructor explains the material clearly.   
      The instructor is well prepared.   
      The instructor answers questions well.   
      The instructor shows genuine concern for his students.   
      The instructor is accessible outside the classroom.   
      The instructor makes the material easy to learn.   

  1. Instructor Grade.
    A B C D F

  1. What did you like most about this course?

  1. What did you like the least about this course?

  1. Would you recommend this course to another student? Why?