Coursework Introduction

Read through the descriptions. Click the description you feel best describes your work. If there is no description against, say, 4, you can use this if you feel your work is better than 3 but worse than 5. You should be aiming for 4s and 5s!


  1. Clear aims and hypotheses
    1) Some kind of idea of aim of work is given
    3) An aim is written with a related hypothesis
    5) Aims with three corresponding and clear hypotheses are written at the start of the project

  1. Sample size
    1) No sampling done
    3) A sample of least 30 is done
    5) A sample of at least 30 data items from 2 different groups, plus an explanation of why a sample is necessary

  1. Sampling method choice
    1) Sample did use a recognised method
    2) Random sampling used, but choice not explained
    3) Random sampling used, with reason for choice of method
    4) Random sampling used, with discussion of various different methods and then reason for choice
    5) Stratified random sample used, with discussion of alternative methods and reason for choice

  1. Sampling method description
    1) No description of how sampling was done
    3) A basic description is given
    5) A thorough description of every step in the sampling process is given

  1. Tables
    1) The data picked in the sample is listed
    3) The data is tallied into appropriate groups
    5) The data is collected into appropriate groups. Correct notation (e.g. 1.2<h < or= 1.3) is used. The decision of group size is explained

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