IT Questionnaire - (copy)

Please gauge the quality of our service with a score of 1 to 10 where: 10 - Excellent; 9 - Very good; 8 - Good; 7 - Pleasing; 6 - Very satisfactory; 5 - Satisfactory; 4 - Below level of satisfaction; 3 - Too unreliable; 2 - Disruptive and frustrating; 1 - Woefully poor; or 0 - Not applicable

Name (optional): 

  1. My students are able to access the relevant software when needed 

  1. Students are able to have their work printed, and printers are always functional 

  1. Staff computers are available, easy to access and in good working order 

  1. The network is stable and reliable 

  1. Faulty hardware is attended to and rectified in good time 

  1. E-mail facility works effectively 

  1. The computer system accommodates the report-writing needs of teachers 

  1. I am happy with the level of security with which confidential information on the system is protected. 

  1. The technicians are effective and helpful 

  1. Computer labs are in good condition and well-maintained 

  1. System allows easy access to work from home 

  1. Use of data projectors and equipment is user-friendly and reliable 

  1. Speed of network when accessing software, functions, programmes etc 

  1. The College's IT environment shows constant updating and progress 

  1. My overall level of personal satisfaction with the system, its reliability and the service provided is - 

  1. Additional comments