Year 10 Questionnaire: D&T Self Evaluation. TUTOR GROUP: _____

Design and Technology Self Evaluation Form for Year 10.


  1. Please tick the box to indicate which course you are doing:
    Graphic Products
    Resistant Materials
    Systems and Control
    Food for life

  1. At the start of your D&T lessons what types of activities are provided: (You can tick more than one box).
    A puzzle or game
    A PowerPoint presentation relevant to the topic
    Review of what happened the previous lesson
    Preparation for a practical activity
    A work sheet or writing tasks relevant to the topic

  1. How does the teacher let you know what the learning objectives for the lesson are? (You can tick more than one box).
    Written on the board
    Provided on a work sheet
    Spoken by the teacher
    Don't know/not always clear

  1. How would you grade the work in class/workshops that you are asked to do?
    Often easy
    Sometimes easy
    Sometimes too difficult
    Always difficult

  1. What support are you given in meeting coursework deadlines and preparing for exams? (You can tick more than one).
    Revision clubs after school and at lunch times
    Coursework clubs to help you to complete coursework
    Opportunities to work individually with your teacher
    Help sheets and worksheets/booklets
    Revision pack to work through at home

  1. We aim to give you a variety of different activities during lessons to help you to learn in different ways. Listed below are different activities you might do in a lesson: Grade on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the best of how much you liked each activity:

          1 2 3 4 5    
      Writing/designing tasks   
      Listening tasks   
      Visual/practical demonstration: watching an activity   
      Practical activities   
      Questioning tasks: asking you to make comments or question something   
      Group work: teaching and supporting each other   
      Activities involving problem solving   

  1. Are demonstrations of practical tasks clear? Do you have a good understanding of what to do?
    Yes always
    Most of the time
    Not all of the time

  1. Are safety rules for equipment made clear to you before the activity starts?
    Yes always
    Most of the time
    Not all of the time

  1. Are you given the opportunity to use ICT or given tasks involving ICT during lessons?
    Yes often
    Not very often

  1. How does your teacher give you praise? (You can tick more than one box).
    Commendations and stamps on work and in your journal
    Verbal praise/tells you how well you are doing
    Writes comments on written work
    Postcards of praise are sent home
    Rarely given

  1. How do you know how well you are performing in D&T? (You can tick more than one box). Does your teacher:
    Write comments on your work
    Marks work clearly
    Give you targets to help you improve
    Involve you in the end of unit assessment
    Attainment and effort grades given in your interim report
    Talks to you individually about your work

  1. How are learning objectives reviewed at the end of the lesson?
    Self-evaluation of work completed
    Class discussion covering learning objectives and outcomes
    Looking at work others have done/peer evaluation
    A game or quiz
    Sometimes not enough time: Clear up time