JIES Class Survey

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  1. How would you rate the textbook, (Active Skills for Reading)?
    Very interesting
    A little interesting
    Not interesting

  1. How useful do you think the textbook is for learning vocabulary?
    Very useful
    A little useful
    Not useful

  1. How would you rate the readings in the textbook?
    Too Difficult
    A little diffult
    Just Right
    Too easy

  1. Write your comments about the textbook.

  1. Do you like reading graded readers (small books with different levels)?
    Yes, very much
    Yes, I do
    A little

  1. Write your comments about graded readers.

  1. Generally, what is your opinion of the class so far?
    Very good
    Not good

  1. Has this class helped improve your English?
    Yes, very much
    A little

  1. Please enter any other comments you wish to make.

English II
Kansai Gaidai