FaithLife Financial TERM 10 Seminar Survey

Name (optional): 

  1. Why did you attend today's TERM 10 seminar?
    In the area
    Heard about it from a friend
    Need Help with protecting my mortgage
    It was free of charge
    Saw it posted in my church/ Bookstore

  1. How far did you travel to attend the seminar?
    0-5 km
    5-10 km
    10-15 km
    15-20 km
    20+ km

  1. What other seminar would you be interested in attending?
    Retirement Planning
    Education Planning
    Helping my Church Community
    Critical Illness

  1. Would you recommend this seminar to a friend?

  1. Did you feel there was value in attending the TERM 10 seminar today?

  1. Would you like to further discuss protecting your home and mortgage with one of our FaithLife Financial District Representatives?

  1. Age 

  1. Occupation 

  1. What did you like best about the seminar today?

  1. If you could change anything regarding the seminar what would it be?

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