Summer School Survey: the End!

Here's a chance to tell me what you thought about summer school.


  1. Overall, do you feel you're a better student after going to summer school?


  1. Do you think you'll be better prepared for school this fall?


  1. What did you enjoy about summer school? (you may check more than one)

    the daily drawings for prizes
    studying about the animals in the back
    going to the computer lab
    using Quia to play games and take quizzes
    correcting sentences on the board
    listening to music in the classroom or the lab
    reading Little House in the Big Woods
    practicing typing in the computer lab
    playing math games in the computer lab
    watching my grades improve
    doing jobs around the classroom
    being in a smaller class than during the school year
    leaving at 11 AM every day
    the Friday treats and prize drawings by the principal
    playing Around the World
    playing Pico, Fermi, Bagel
    watching Bill Nye

  1. For science and reading, place in order the items that helped you, 1 as most important, 5 as least:

        1 2 3 4 5
    seeing the actual animals  
    reading the paragraphs on the worksheet  
    answering the questions on the worksheet  
    doing the practice activities on the computer  
    doing the quizzes on the computer  

  1. Of all the creatures we studied in summer school, the one I found most interesting was the .

  1. Why did you enjoy that creature the most?

  1. What helped you do better in your grades? (you may check more than one)

    seeing my grades on the wall
    seeing my grades on the Quia website
    practicing with an activity on the computer before taking a quiz
    taking quizzes on the computer
    being able to take quizzes up to 3 times
    playing the math games in the classroom
    practicing math on the computer (Numbers Recovered)
    having fewer subjects to work on during the day
    only going to school for half a day

  1. Do you think you'll visit the summer school Quia site over the summer?


  1. Would you recommend that Mr. Rogers use Quia with computer lab students this fall?


  1. I enjoyed the MOST.

  1. I enjoyed the LEAST.

  1. Overall, summer school was than I expected.

  1. What things made you feel that way about summer school?

  1. Any advice you have for students attending summer school next year?