Jr College/Career Planning Survey 2nd semester 2019

Your answers to the questions below will give your counselors information that will help them advise you about your future plans. Please be aware that "post-secondary" means after high school.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Last Name*

  1. First Name*

  1. Family Background: What is the marital status of your parents?
    deceased parent(s)
    divorced and 1 or both parents re-married

  1. I am the first in my family to attend college. Neither my parents nor siblings have attended.*

  1. Academic Information: Enter your GPA.*

  1. What is Important to you in choosing a college? Some examples might be school size, location, cost, and sports offered.*

  1. Please select the type of post-secondary schools you are interested in:*
    2-year college
    4-year college
    2-year college then transfer to 4-year college
    Public university
    Private university
    Trade or Technical

  1. What student population interests you?*
    all male
    all female
    co-ed ( both male and female)

  1. Please select the size of the school in which you would be interested in attending.*
    Small(less than 2,500)
    Medium (2,500-7,500)
    Large (7,500-15,000)
    Very Large (over 15,000)
    Size doesn't matter to me

  1. In which type of area would you like to attend school?*
    Rural (small town)
    Suburban (small city)
    Urban (large city)

  1. What area of the country would you like to attend school?*
    West Coast
    East Coast
    Specific State

  1. What is your career interest or major? (science, math, English, education, medical etc.)*

  1. List the top three schools you are interested in?

  1. List some activities, community(volunteer)service that you have performed. If you have none, please type "none."*

  1. Would you like to play a sport in college?*

  1. If you have had any work experience, list the places that you have worked. If you have none, please type "none."*

  1. What college-related topic are you most interested in learning more about?*
    financial aid/scholarships
    how to choose a college
    possible majors
    admissions process

  1. Type in any specific questions you have for counselors about post-secondary planning.

  1. Which of the following describes where you are in the post-secondary planning process?*
    I know exactly where I want to go and what I want to do
    I haven't thought about what I'm doing after Shepard
    I think I know where I want to go but not sure what I want to do
    I think I know what I want to do but no clue where I want to go
    I have thought about it all but haven't started searching

  1. Please list any and all thoughts, questions, or insights that I might need to know when helping you make an informed post-secondary decision.*