Mr. Avery's Akers 2007-8 Physical Education Survey

This is an opportunity for providing feedback to Coach Avery.


  1. Who is your child's, or children's, teacher?
    (Multiple answers are accepted for this question)

    I have no children in the K to 5 range at Akers
    Bates - 2nd Grade
    Chennault - 5th Grade
    Chunfat - 4th Grade
    Chism - 5th Grade
    Deathriage -1st Grade
    Ensor - Kindergarten
    Forman - Kindergarten
    Gordon - 2nd Grade
    Hall - 4th Grade
    Jipson - 1st Grade
    Kirchman - 4th Grade
    Lamoglia - 1st Grade
    Martin - Kindergarten
    Mobley - 3rd Grade
    Steele - 2nd Grade
    Sturgis - Kindergarten
    Tubbs - 3rd Grade
    Wilcox - 3rd Grade

  1. How would you rate the playground and sports facilities at Akers?
    (To see our actual facilities, select "facilities" on Mr. Avery's web-site)

    needs to improve
    No opinion at this time

  1. How long have you lived in the Lemoore area?

    I don't currently live in Lemoore.
    Less than a year
    1 to 2 years
    3 to 10 years
    more than 10 years

  1. Do you approve of dodge-ball at school?

    Multiple answers are acceptable.

    yes, I played it as a child.
    yes, as long as foam balls are used
    yes, during PE, but not at recess
    No, I don't think it is safe.
    No, I think it contributes to a violent attitude
    I'm not sure

  1. How would you judge your own physical fitness habits?

    My fitness routine needs to improve
    I exercise every so often
    I exercise at least three times a week
    I have maintained a daily exercise routine

  1. Would you be interested in accessing information, such as current PE lesson activities, a slideshow or a movie of a past event, etc. from Coach Avery's web-site?
    no, probably not
    yes, I could possibly be interested
    yes, but internet availability is a problem for me

  1. Were you aware that our Akers Teachers are not paid for after-school-coaching?


  1. Would you be interested in volunteering to help at one of our home cross country or track meets?

    No thank you
    If my child was involved, I'd consider it.
    Yes, I would be interested but would need more info.

  1. Thank you for visiting my Akers PE Survey and please leave any comments concerning our physical education program below, COACH AVERY.