Senior Exit Survey 2019 w/ scholarships

Please answer the following questions to assist the counseling department in improving support services offered to our students in the future. Please note that "trade schools" stands for schools that train students in career and technical fields.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Last Name*

  1. First Name*

  1. ID #*

  1. After graduating high school, my plans include:*
    College (4 Year)
    Community College (2 Year)
    Community College then transfer to a 4 year college
    Career & Technical Education Training
    I am joining the military
    I am seeking full-time employment
    I am unsure of my plans

  1. Please select the name of the school or branch of the military you will be attending after graduation. If not attending school, military or you are unsure of your plans, see choices at bottom of list. If your choice of school is not listed, select last choice and skip to #6.*
    Chicago State University
    DePaul University
    Eastern Illinois University
    Illinois State University
    Lewis University
    Loyola University
    Moraine Valley Community College
    Northern Illinois University
    Northeastern Illinois University
    Northwestern University
    Robert Morris University
    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
    Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
    St. Xavier University
    Trinity Christian College
    Universal Technical Institute
    University of Chicago
    University of Illinois, Champaign
    University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)
    University of Illinois, Springfield
    Western Illinois University
    US Air Force
    US Army
    US Marines
    US Navy
    US Coast Guard
    US Air Force Academy
    US Coast Guard
    US Merchant Marine Academy
    US Naval Academy
    US Army Academy (West Point)
    Still trying to decide between schools/military branch
    Don't plan to continue my education or enlist in military after graduation
    Not listed, skip to question #6

  1. If it is NOT listed above, please share the name of the college or trade school you are planning on attending:

  1. I will most likely pursue the following career industry after graduating high school:*
    Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
    Architecture & Construction
    Arts, A/V Technology & Communication
    Business, Management & Administration
    Education & Training
    Government & Public Administration
    Health Science
    Hospitality & Tourism
    Human Services
    Information Technology
    Law, Public Safety & Security
    Marketing, Sales & Service
    Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
    I am unsure which category my career falls into so I will describe it in question #8

  1. The career I plan to pursue is:

  1. Have you been offered any scholarship money to attend a school or training program after high school?*

  1. If yes, please briefly list scholarships you received along with the amounts.

  1. If you would be willing to share your personal email address with us, we may use it in the future to contact you regarding events for alumni, opportunities to provide feedback to our school, letting us know about your academic and career achievements or coming in as a guest speaker for our students. Please enter it in the space below.

  1. Please let the Shepard Counseling Department know if there is any support or information we provided that helped you in your post-high school planning. We value your feedback on anything we could have done better.