Quia User Guide: Administrator Features


1. Master Instructor List
1.1. Managing the List
1.2. Organizing the List
1.3. E-mailing the List
1.4. Renewing Your Subscription
2. Master Student List
2.1. Importing Student Information
2.2. Managing Student Information
3. The Network
3.1. Sharing Quia Activities and Quizzes
3.2. E-mail on the Network
3.3. Mass Assessments

1. Master Instructor List

Access your master instructor list from the Admin tab of your account. Find the Instructor list link at the top of the gray Admin Features menu on the right side of the screen.

1.1 Managing the List:

You now have the ability to manage access to your Quia subscription by adding and removing users as your school's staff changes. Use the checkboxes to the right of each name and the drop-down menu at the top of your instructor list to make these changes. You can also use the drop-down menu to assign administrator privileges to additional users who need them.

Add administrator screenshot

Use the Add another instructor button at the top left of your instructor list screen to add a teacher to your subscription. If the teacher already has a Quia account and you know his or her username, you can enter it. Otherwise, enter the teacher's name, e-mail address, and desired username; Quia will create a brand-new account automatically.

Add instructor screenshot

1.2 Organizing the List:

Organizing your master instructor list into groups makes managing your Quia accounts easier — and it will make your new Quia Network simple to use. (For more on the Network, see section 3 of this User Guide.)

Network screenshot

You can create and organize your groups by clicking the Groups link in the gray Admin Features menu on the right side of your administrator screen. We have already created a Department group for you with subgroups such as Art, English, and Mathematics. You can rename groups or create new ones — a group for grade levels, a group for administrators, or anything else that works for your school.

Instructor grouping screenshot

Select the checkboxes next to your teachers' names and use the drop-down menu to place teachers into as many groups as you like.

1.3 E-mailing the List:

Your administrator account is designed to facilitate easy communication between teachers and administrators at your school. Use the envelope icon next to any user on your instructor list to send him or her an e-mail. Use the checkbox next to a group name and the drop-down menu to contact entire grades or departments.

Send e-mail to instructor screenshot

You'll find our simple e-mail system helpful when you need to tell a group about an upcoming test or event.

1.4 Renewing Your Subscription:

You have everything you need for fast and easy subscription renewal at the top of your instructor list — including a link to our online renewal Web page.

Renew subscription screenshot

2. Master Student List

Access your master student list from the Admin tab of your administrator account. The Student list link appears in the gray Admin Features menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

2.1 Importing Student Information:

You can add students to your master list one by one, or you can import them from a text file or spreadsheet. Once you have clicked on the Student list link under the Admin tab, click on the Import a list button in the green box to start uploading student data. For detailed instructions on formatting your file, just click on the help link.

Import student list screenshot

Once you have developed your master student list, creating class rosters will be a simple task for your teachers. Instructors can create class rosters by clicking on the Classes tab and the Roster subtab. As your teachers type in their students' names and ID numbers, Quia will search your master list for matches and auto-fill the remaining information.

Add student to roster screenshot

2.2 Managing Student Information:

The master student list lets you access student passwords — just click on the P icon to view and change passwords. In addition, use the Admin tab to add and delete students from your master list as your student body changes.

Show/change password screenshot

Quia also gives you the flexibility to include other important data in the master list using the "Other" columns. Just click the Show all columns link in the student list editor to record additional student information such as grade or gender.

Student list other columns screenshot

3. The Network

A link to the Network appears in the gray Admin Features menu under your Admin tab, as well as under the Quizzes, Activities, and Surveys tabs for every teacher on your subscription. (If you turn off the Network in your administrator account, the Network link will not appear in instructor accounts.)

3.1 Sharing Quia Activities and Quizzes:

When teachers want to share quizzes or activities on the Network, they can do it from their Instructor Zone. They'll use the checkboxes to the right of the quizzes or activities and select "Sharing: on" from the drop-down menu at the top of the list.

Sharing on network screenshot

Network materials are sorted by instructor name and are organized by groups. (For more on setting up groups, see section 1.2 of this User Guide.) Click on any folder to open it and view materials that have been shared. If a teacher's name appears as a link, it indicates that they have shared some materials on the Network.

Network screenshot

You have two options when you use a teacher's shared materials:

  1. You can use a teacher's quiz or activity as is by copying down the URL to give to your students. To get a URL for a quiz shared on the Network, just click the Assign link to the right of the quiz. If you choose this option, both you and the quiz owner will have access to your students' results.
  2. You can copy the quiz or activity into your account and edit it for your own purposes. To do this, click the yellow Copy icon to the right of the quiz or activity. When you are done copying materials, close the Network and edit the quizzes and activities from your own account. Only you will see student results for quizzes that you copy to your own account.

Expanded network screenshot

Administrators can use the Network to share quizzes for mass proficiency testing. To learn more, please see section 3.3 of this User Guide.

3.2 E-mail on the Network:

By clicking on the e-mail link next to any instructor or group on the Network, you can send direct e-mail to each teacher. This is perfect for notifying instructors about new quizzes and activities on the Network, as well as for sharing ideas and planning events.

Entire network screenshot

3.3 Mass Assessments:

Using the Network, you can administer tests to large groups of students and see the results broken down by student, class, and instructor. This is ideal for testing at the department, school, or district level.

In order to begin, the owner of the quiz must share the quiz on the Network. (See section 3.1 of this User Guide to learn how to share on the Network.)

Sharing quiz on network screenshot

Each teacher who will be giving the quiz should then locate the shared quiz on the Network and click the Assign link to be assigned a URL. Each teacher will have a different URL to which he or she should direct students. In order for the quiz owner to see all results for the quiz, teachers should not copy the quiz to their own accounts.

Distributing network quiz screenshot

When testing is complete, use the grading workbench in the quiz owner's account to view all student results. (Other instructors will only have access to their own students' results.)

Grading screenshot

View our detailed report options by clicking the light blue Reports link at the top of the workbench — you'll be amazed by how much information is available to you.

Student report screenshot

If you have any questions on the administrator features available to you, contact Technical Support.