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Clark College ESL Instructor, Level 4

This is the ESL L4 class web page.
Please READ the message below.

You can practice English grammar, vocabulary, reading & listening here:

1. Scroll down to My Quia activities and quizzes. Click on different links, practice your English!

2. Then scroll down to Useful links. Try different links - more English practice!

Have fun!  --Nancy
My Quia activities and quizzes
Do / Does
Practice using do or does.
Questions and Answers
Match questions and answers
Capitals Practice
Simple Present and Present Continuous
Present and past verbs
Parts of Speech
Subject pronouns (I/you/he/she/it/we/they)
Practice subject nouns and pronouns.
English Irregular Verbs
Singular - Plural Nouns and Verbs
Singular and Plural Nouns
Practice singular and plural nouns.
Days, months, seasons - (copy)
Practice the days, months, seasons.
The Future with Going To
Exercise 1: Be Going To
The Future with "Be" Going To
Exercise 2: Be Going To
Verb tenses
Quiz 3: Modals--difficult, but good practice!
My Cousin Oscar: Past/Present/Future
Quiz 1
Verbs: Future, Past or Present?
Quiz 2
Borrow vs Lend - (copy)
Practice using borrow or lend.
Family Relationships - (copy)
Practice family words.
#4: Jobs vocabulary
#3: Practice career words
Jobs and careers
#5: Jobs and Careers
E 4 III jobs- description
#1: Jobs and Descriptions
US Top 10 - Dangerous Jobs
#2: US Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs
Job Vocabulary - Career Pathways
#6: More job vocabulary
Health Words
house - (copy)
Practice house words.
People - (copy)
Practice spelling people words.
Asking & Giving Directions
Alphabet Pictures
Practice alphabetizing words.
Alphabet Game - (copy)
Match big and small letters of the alphabet.
Alphabet - (copy) - (copy)
Practice alphabetizing letters.
American Holidays
Holiday and Event Guesses
Elections and Voting
State & Local Government
Traffic Signs (Intermediate-Advanced)
Participial Adjectives
The miniature Earth
Earth Day Words
March of the Penguins. See the trailer
Cinco de Mayo
Useful links
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