Nancy - Earth Month
Clark College ESL Instructor

April is Earth Month. But, Earth Day is every day. So you can learn English and learn about the environment at the same time!

Your Eco Footprint:
Find out how much of the Earth's resources you use...

1. Scroll (go) down to Useful links. 
    a. choose an EcoFootprint website and click
    b. answer the questions
    c. when finished, you can view or print your results (but remember, paper comes from trees!)

If you have extra time:
2. Practice Earth Day words.
3. Scroll down to Useful links, and click on Energy Hog. Click on Save energy at home, click on Quiz. You can also play the games.
4. Click on Population Counter, US & World. Check it out.
5. Click on The Story of Stuff (2007) (the introduction or the full 20 minute movie). Watch the movie!
6. Listen to Saving the Earth, and do the exercises.

Enjoy, Nancy
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