System Requirements for Quia 

Quia works well on a variety of computer and browser platforms. However, some platforms are better suited to running Quia than others. Here we describe the minimum and recommended system configurations for using Quia.


Basics: Your computer hardware and operating system must allow you to run and use one of the operating systems and Web browsers discussed below. We recommend a machine with at least 128MB of RAM.

Display: Your monitor should allow you to view a 800x600 pixel image, without scrolling. For best results, we recommend a display with at least 1024x768 resolution and 32-bit color.

Audio: If you want to listen to audio recordings on Quia, your computer needs the ability to play voice-quality sound (via speakers or headphones). If you want to record audio, your computer needs the ability to record voice-quality sound on your end (using a microphone).

Internet connection

To use Quia, your computer must be connected to the Internet. Connecting via a proxy device is acceptable. However, the proxy device must obey the HTTP/1.1 protocol, including all caching and anti-caching directives. We recommend a connect speed of 56Kbps or faster.

Operating systems and browsers

Quia supports the following operating systems with the latest available versions of the indicated browsers:


  • Google Chrome

Mac OS

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome


  • Google Chrome

Note: You should always keep your computer up to date with the latest available operating system and browser patches. Running without the latest patches is hazardous, and it may prevent certain Quia features from working properly.

Exceptions: Quia does not support the use of Asian characters on Macintosh platforms.

Audio technology

Most browsers are able to play audio recordings. However, if your browser cannot, you must install an audio plug-in. Quia supports the following audio plug-ins:

  • On Windows platforms: Windows Media Player (latest available version)
  • On Windows, using Firefox: QuickTime (latest available version)
  • On Macintosh platforms: QuickTime (latest available version)

Languages and fonts

Some non-European languages require special fonts. In order to use Quia activities containing a particular language, you must ensure that at least one font for that language is installed. Also, your browser must be configured to use this font when encountering UTF-8-encoded text in the specified language. For more information, see our language test page.

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