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Email me your chosen topic areas so I can put them on a page for every one to read. Tell me what interested you in this topc area. My class should have done this as a diary entry. Rachel's class email me your topic area too.  

Coursework Intro

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Attendance for this section of the course is compulsory as usual (Jamie, Sam, Vic, Kyle & Johnathan get your butts into class!) missing classes will lead to you missing deadlines. You will be working on the same sections of the project together, you will be able to lean on each other and ask me and our new sociologist for advice. There are a series of STRICT DEADLINES which you will have to keep to. Each section of the project will be marked, so failure to meet deadlines will be as serious as failure to do homework (i.e. will lead to notes to your tutor, parents being contacted, and ultimately to withdrawal from the course). So Lucy stop chatting about how great your life is and buckle down to work! Chris making it pretty with give you points without having to dive into great intellectual depths, so as you will see, it is good to try and be shallow sometimes.


Week beginning

  • 18th June: Context, deadline for topic choice!
  • 8th July: Context, deadline to be handed in as homework
  • 7th September: Rationale
  • 17th September: Rationale, deadline to handed in as homework
  • 20th September: Methodology, choosing methods
  • 4th October: Methodology, deadline to be handed in as homework
  • 11th October: Evidence, individual research
  • 4th November: Hand in Evidence
  • 12th November: Hand in Evaluation
  • 15th November: prepare title page, contents page, page no's & conclusion
  • 19th November deadline first draft!  I will not accept late submissions. This is going to be murder for me to mark so give some respect and consider our position, it is easier to mark them as a block!
  • 1st December 2004 Final deadline This is non-negotiable!







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