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On this website you will find information regarding homework assignments, study tips, website links, and important dates and information.

On Mondays, the homework that is known for that week is posted.  It is important to check back often as assignments may change throughout the week.

To parents:  If you have not signed up for SchoolTool on the district website, I encourage you to do so.  There is important information on your child's grades and assignments which you can access from your own electronic device.  It is a helpful way to stay informed as we strive for independence for each student.

14-Diagnostic 1
HW: Problem solving mini-tasks due on Friday
15-Diagnostic 2
16-0-8-Problem solving conclusion
(review cow + chicken)
Accountable talk strategies
HW: Math goals
19-1-1-Integer Operations (add)
HW: Finish CW 1-1
Integer Operations
HW: Finish CW 1-2
21-1-3 Review + and -
Jigsaw activity
Writing Rules
HW: #1-3 review of +-
22-1-4-Integer Number Operations 2 (mult. divide)
HW: #1-4 review of x /
23-1-5-Review Integer operations
26-1-6 Order of Operations
With substitution
HW: Finish CW 1-6
27-1-7 Order of Operations 2
HW: Finish CW 1-7
28-1-8 Review Integer Operations
HW: 1-8
29-End of Unit Assessment.
30-Introduction to TI-84+
October 6th test corrections are due
week of 9/26
work sheet (17 multiple choice questions)
10-4- RATE OF CHANGE WS complete the odds
Quiz 9/30

10-11- finish WS from class

BIOLOGY:week of 10-11- Tuesday WS 2-1 due, Thursday Vocab 1-10 due, Friday vocab 10-22 due

Week of 9/26
Complete Study Guide and Study for the Unit Exam (9/28)
Venn Diagram
India Worksheet due 10/4
Due 10/6- choice of Poster, Comic strip, or Poster of the Hindu Gods.

10-12- QUIZ Hinduism

ELA 9:
first two weeks of school
Past Due- Scarlet Ibis guide (Vocab words pages 1,2, quiz, figures of speech pg3, active reading strategies 2 per page found on page 6 in the guide)

Week of 9/26
Per 5 will be handing the
Scarlet Ibis” guides in
tomorrow 9/27. Please detach page
8 so you can do the creative
writing, due 9/28.
We will also be starting Greek Mythology and continuing to study this  over the next three weeks
Front of Myth Vocab sheet due 9/28

Week of 10/3
Greek Mythology
Vocab Sheet past due
Vocab Quiz 10/6 (study guide handed out Monday)
Pages 4/5 in packet are due on 10/4

10-11 Pandora Myth with guide questions due 10/13, Phaethon Due 10/17

ELA Phaethon packet Due 10-29
Test Monday 10-24
Algebra - WS due 10-19
My Quia activities and quizzes
Global Studies 10: Enlightenment and French Revolution Review
Biology Review Ch. 1--Life Processes, Scientific Method
Biology Ch. 1--Scientific Method
Biology Basic Chemistry Chapter 3
Biology Ch. 1--Life Processes
Biology Ch. 2 Chemistry of Life
Biology Ch. 2 Chemistry of Life II
Global Studies Nationalism
Global Studies 10 French Revolution
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