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Live Betting Strategies - How to Bet in Live Mode

Live betting is betting in real time. Unlike the classic pre-match, which has a history of about a hundred years, live betting has been accepted for 15-20 years.

Most of the strategies developed for live betting are based on the players' personal experience, their own trial and error. As you know, there are no one hundred percent strategies that allow you to get golden mountains from bookmakers for decades: otherwise, there would be no bookmakers left. Live is fast and dynamic betting: in a couple of minutes you need to assess the situation on the field, make the necessary conclusion, select the outcome and the odds and place a bet.


Live betting strategy on the favorite goal

Often bookmaker's offices like https://pt22bet.com/ give small odds on the victory of the team, which is considered to be the favorite in this match. This makes the standard single bets on this outcome meaningless. However, there is an opportunity to make money in play.

Around the middle of the first period or half, the odds on a halftime goal increase, sometimes by times. If the player is confident that one of the teams will be able to score, at this point it is possible to bet.

Before making a betting decision, it is necessary to analyze the compositions of the teams, in particular the favorite. Evaluate the motivation of both opponents. Look at the position of the teams in the standings and estimate who needs the extra three points more. For example, if a team is already in the playoffs, with a sizeable lead over its main competitors, it might use one or two games as a warm-up.


Thus, the basic prerequisites for the favorite to score a goal in the first half

Availability of statistics confirming that the team frequently scores a goal in the first round. Optimal team composition. Good motivation. An average opponent's defense.


Live betting strategy "goal by play"

This strategy is designed for professional players with solid sports betting experience and understanding of the chosen sport. It is no secret that some teams that are considered de jure favorites are seriously overrated. However, the quotes for their opponents are quite attractive, and by predicting a goal for the team-outsider during the game it is possible to get odds of 2-3 and higher.

Betting on this strategy is done in the flat mode, up to five percent of the total bank amount. Before making a bet on a goal, it is necessary to look through the statistics. If you plan to use this strategy for a long time, look through several leading championships and European competitions, select a dozen teams that consistently score at least one goal and focus on their matches.

If you are planning one or two bets, look through the live stats. A high number of shots on goal indicates that the team is playing an active attacking game.


Bets on the favorite that misses first

It is no secret that in many matches it is the team that concedes the first goal that ends up winning the match. It does not depend on the sport. Real Madrid may concede in the first round to Betis or Pittsburgh may concede the puck to Eveland and in basketball the team leading the standings may sleep through the first quarter and become active in the middle of the game.

Study the stats. There are teams that purposely leak part of the game - it is part of their game strategy.

Do not blindly trust the strongest. If you play in live, watch the games and evaluate the reasons that led to the loss in the first minutes of the match. And bet based on what you see with your own eyes.


Forks in Live

A certain popularity among professional players is the search for "forks". In contrast to the pre-match version, where the player compares the lines of several betting companies, here there is no one a hundred percent guarantee of profit. The player predicts the appearance of the match in the live betting line-up. A player predicts the most probable outcome of a match and waits for suitable outcomes at pre-selected betting shops.

Live betting is popular in fast-paced sports such as lawn and table tennis or volleyball. If equal teams take part in a volleyball match, the bets on the winner of the set may change several times in the shortest time interval. And often reach odds above two. If you feel the teams and can predict situations as the match progresses, this can be used.

Betting in real time is quite a gambling and risky activity. To check in practice some or other game strategies, both borrowed and own developed, it is possible only if you can coolly assess what is happening on the field in the midst of the match. Not everyone can do that.


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