Win-win hockey betting strategies online

Win-win hockey betting strategies online


Betting on hockey is always a risk. Even if the match is completely predictable, there is a clear leader and an outsider, there is motivation - there is always a certain probability of losing. With the help of a strategy, you can reduce the consequences: redistribute financial flows, and optimize your own playing style. There are universal techniques, applicable to most sports, and specialized, designed specifically for betting on hockey, soccer or other disciplines. Consider the main sports strategies and their applicability to hockey.


Selecting hockey games for betting

Speaking about the proper selection of matches for hockey betting, first of all, it is worth focusing on the choice of tournaments. NHL, KHL, World Championships and some other competitions deserve attention. They stand out favorably due to low margins, plenty of information, a wide coverage and available broadcasts. By betting on the matches of these tournaments, the player significantly increases his chances.

All things being equal, the above-mentioned tournaments have clear advantages. However, if you are an expert in, say, DEL, it is clear that there is no point in jumping to tournaments where you are worse. After all, if you have a competent strategy, you can make money on absolutely any league.

When choosing matches, it is important to exclude suspicious games and matches involving unmotivated teams, which automatically become unpredictable and unpredictable.


Strategies for betting on total in hockey

Before you start sports betting, you need to develop a gaming strategy, which includes a number of parameters:

  • Your starting pot;
  • The goal you set for yourself;
  • Approximate playing distance;
  • Mani-management system

In the leading NHL hockey league, 5-6 pucks are scored during a game.  Bookmakers set the average total of 5.5 units. In the KHL, WHL other leagues the average total is a little less - 4.5.

If you bet on the total less, for example, 5.5, the bet will work if the match will be scored five or less pucks. If you bet on a total of more than 5.5, the number of pucks scored must be six or more.

There are several strategies for betting on the total. One of them is a bet on the higher total, concluded in the last minutes of the match. Often a team, losing one puck, removes the goalie, brings in a sixth field player and goes all-in. The result is often a goal - or in an empty net of this team or the goal of the opposing team. The essence of the strategy is to catch the moment and bet on the total more.

This strategy is not approved by all players. The team leading by one puck may put up an impenetrable defense for the remaining one or two minutes until the end of regular time in order to keep the score intact.

The idea of the second strategy of betting on the total is that in many hockey games at least one period can play a bet of TB (1.5). This idea is refined by each player according to his needs. Most often it is used in conjunction with the long-on.

The essence of the strategy "TB 1.5 in a period" is as follows. The player picks a match with an implicit favorite. If one of the teams has a clear advantage over the other, bets on the higher total will be low, if the teams are equal, goals in the main time may not be at all. The selected matches are carefully studied and analyzed. Checked the performance of teams in the season, the history of face-to-face encounters. Further on the points.

Betting TB 1.5 for the first period is made. Most often it is done in play, if the odds are big enough, you can bet in pre-match.

If the bet passes, the cycle ends and you can move on to another match. If the bet loses, we increase the amount and bet TB 1.5 for the second period.

If the second bet loses, there are two ways: to hope and continue catch-up in the third period, or quit the match and move on to the next one. In either case, the next bet will be higher than the previous bet to make up for the loss. If the bet wins, the cycle will end.


Both to Score Strategy

The "Both to Score" strategy is an imitation of the "Double Chance". The player does not bet on the main outcome of the match, but on the fact that both teams will be able to score at least one puck in the match. The odds are about equal to Double Chance.

The bet is suitable for matches with an implicit favorite. It is worth taking into account that even the clear favorite can lose the match in a blowout - for example, if the hockey players relaxed and underestimated the opponent's frenzied motivation.

The "Both score" bet can be used to determine the outcome of the entire match, as well as when betting on individual periods.


Snowball Strategy

The "Snowball" strategy is a version of the classic "bank run-up". After a successful bet, the entire amount (bet and profit) is invested in the next bet. The number of consecutive bets depends on how much the player wants to increase the original amount.

In hockey bets on the system "Snowball" are made at odds of 1.20 - 1.50. For example, on the victory of the clear winner of the match or on the total match less than 7.5 - 8.5. It is not worth betting on the total in a single period: this bet is quite risky.


Live betting in hockey

Live is an opportunity to watch a hockey match in real time via video or text broadcasting. In live betting, you can make additional bets, hedge against unforeseen situations (e.g., injuries or biased refereeing).

One of the strategies for live betting on hockey is as follows. Let's say the hockey match involves the teams Ak Bars and CSKA. Bookmaker offers the main total of 4.5, odds in both directions - 1.95. In the third minute one of the teams shoots the first puck - and at this point the bookmaker increases the quotation on the total less than 4.5 - conditionally to 2.50. Betting on the lesser total: quite often matches that start with a quick goal with equal initial odds on the main total are often "draws".

In the opposite direction such a strategy is not used: it is unknown when the next puck will be, and whether it will be: sometimes the team, having scored the first goal, goes into a blind defense.


Play-Off on a Draw

The strategy is based on a simple principle: in many hockey games at least one period ends in a draw. Sometimes two or three periods are even. Sometimes the score in a match only opens in overtime.

The principle of the strategy is as follows. One or more matches with the participation of teams approximately equal in class and style of play are chosen. At the same time the statistics are looked through and the teams' play in the season is evaluated. At the very beginning of the match a bet on a draw in the first period is made.

At this point, the odds for this outcome usually fluctuate around 2.50 - 3.00. If the bet did not play, and someone scored more in the first period, the amount is doubled, and the bet on the draw is made for the second period. Then on the third period. If the bet is not played and in the third period, move on to the next match and continue catch-up.

The strategy itself includes three stages. At the first stage of the winning bid may be one percent of the game bank. If the bet does not win, the next bet is calculated. Winning must compensate for the loss of the first stage and provide a return of one percent of the playing pot. In the third stage, the bet amount is calculated so as to compensate for previous losses and provide a return of one percent of the bank.


NHL betting strategies

The National Hockey League is a leading hockey tournament featuring world-class athletes. NHL matches are broadcast in real time by most sports channels. Many matches can be watched on the websites of betting shops.

For betting on the NHL customers of betting shops have developed several strategies and rules.

If a team plays several matches in a row away, the first home match it is likely to lose.

It is not worth betting on a team playing the fourth or fifth match without a rest. In most cases, such teams lose. The reason is banal physical fatigue.

There are no clear outsiders and leaders in the NHL. A team can beat a club with a huge score, and in a couple of weeks lose to it with an even bigger score. In this case, the match may take place on the same court and with the same lineups.

The average total in the NHL is slightly higher than in other leagues. This is due to the fact that the NHL is an order of magnitude stronger than most other championships, and there are more productive matches. So here it is easy to bet on the TB 4.5 with a long-on.


Betting strategies for the KHL

KHL is one of the actively developing leagues, where teams from Russia, several post-Soviet countries, China and Finland participate. There are almost no 100 percent leaders and 100 percent underdogs. A team that is in the top three of the tournament can lose to an outsider, while an underdog can survive a few games and rise nicely in the standings.

All major betting strategies are used in the KHL - flat, overtake and its derivatives. When planning strategies for total, it is necessary to take into account that the average number of goals scored in a match is slightly lower than in the NHL. The base total is often 4.5.

In games involving teams from the Far East, the home team has the advantage more often. It is connected with the change of time zone. That is why it makes sense to bet on P1 and use one of the Martingale variations.

Many teams lose away matches at the end of a long series. The reason is fatigue. Quite often the first home match is also lost, if before it there was not at least a small break.

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