This is another long and tedious section, complicated by the fact that since it covers 11 schools with 11 different schedules, it is not possible to give relevant examples for everyone.  This section, beginning on page 61 is one that you should be familiar with.

Workday length:
Mondays, Tuesdays: 7.5 hours (8.0 hours for meetings)
Wednesday, Thursday:  7.5 hours
Friday:  7 hours, 10 minutes

Elementary prep time:
25 consecutive minutes per day, except Friday
225 minutes (minimum) per week -- only blocks of 25 minutes count toward 225 minimum.

Elementary comp time:
Elementary teachers who volunteer for assingments enumerated on Schedule 'C' Items VI and/or VII may accept either the stipend or one day of compensatory time off for a total possible two (2) comp days off (one for Item VI, and one for Item VII).  Schedule 'C' is printed in the Appendix of your contract.

Middle/High prep time:
1 student period per day.

Duty Free Lunch:
Minimum of 30 minutes exclusive of passing periods before and after lunch.

K-6 teachers shall not be required to perform any noon duty supervision except in emergency circumstances.

Other items covered include:
*Inservice Education -- to be held during the working day

*Faculty Meetings -- as often as required, but keep track of your prep time!  25/day  225/week -- all in blocks of 25!

*Parent Conferences, Open House, Back-to-School nights

*Foggy Day Schedules

*Unit members shall not be assigned duties beyond the normal working day without compensation as provided on Schedule 'C', except for Parent Conferences, Open House, and Back-to-School Night.  Such duty assignments shall be on a voluntary basis only.   This does not mean that parent conferences, open house, and back-to-school night are voluntary -- only that you can be required to participate in them and the District does not have to compensate you additionally to do so.  "Voluntary Basis" refers to duties such as those listed on Schedule 'C'.

*Site administrators are to inform members of the beginning and ending of their duty day, and their designated preparation periods at the beginning of the school year -- IN WRITING!!!

The article then goes on to define preparations at the middle and high school level, room assignments, waivers, tentative assignments, and the substituting during prep periods.

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