Spanish 3-honors
Saint Joseph Catholic High School
     To reward a student who puts the EXTRA effort to prepare her/him self before taking the test or quiz.

     The Spanish Department will provide a online extra credit possibility for the student. The student needs to complete the extra work by the day before that of the test or quiz. The credit will be available at least 3 days prior to the testing day. The Web Page will record the time, date, name and score of the student who does the work.
     The student must attain a score of 80% or better to get the points for the specific test or quiz. Also, the student has only one chance to do the online work. The online EXTRA CREDIT will be 5%.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish 3/unidad 1/vocab: session spanish 3/unidad 1/vocab
Spanish 3/unidad 1/estructura: session spanish 3/unidad 1/estructura
Spanish 3/Unidad 1/Literatura: session spanish 3/unidad 1/literatura
Spanish 3/unidad 1/test: session spanish 3/unidad 1/exam
Spanish 3/unidad 2/vocab: session spanish 3/unidad 2/vocab
Spanish 3/Unidad 2/grammar: session spanish 3/unidad 2/grammar
Spanish 3/Unidad 2/Literatura: session spanish 3/unidad 2/literatura
Spanish 3/Unidad 2/Test: session spanish 3/unidad 2/test
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 2/literatura: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 2/literatura
Spanish 3/Unidad 3/vocabulario: session spanish 3/unidad 3/vocabulario
Spanish 3/Unidad 3/Estructura-Subjuntivo: session spanish 3/unidad 3/estructura
Spanish 3/Unidad 3/Literatura: session spanish 3/unidad 3/literatura
Spanish 3/Unidad 3/Test: session spanish 3/unidad 3/test
Spanish 3/Unidad 4/Vocabulario: session spanish 3/unidad 4/vocabulario
Spanish 3/Unidad 4/Test: session spanish 3/unidad 4/test
Spanish 3/Unidad 3/Estructura-Subjuntivo: session ap spanish/unidad 4/subjuntivo
Spanish 3/Second Semester/Exam: session spanish 3/second semester/exam
Spanish 3/First Semester/Final Exam: session spanish 3/first semester/final exam
Spanish 3/Unidad 5/Vocabulario: session spanish 3/unidad 5/vocabulario
Spanish 3/Unidad 5/Test: session spanish 3/unidad 5/test
spanish 3/Unidad 5/Literatura: session spanish 3/unidad 5/literatura
Spanish 3/Unidad 6/Vocabulario: session spanish 3/unidad 6/vocabulario
Spanish 3/Unidad 6/Gramatica: session spanish 3/unidad 6/gramatica
Spanish 3/Unidad 6/Literatura: session spanish 3/unidad 6/literatura
Spanish 3/unidad 5/gramar/Preterito
spanish 3/workbook/unidad 5/gramar: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 5/grammar
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 5/vocab: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 5/vocabulario
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 6/vocabulario: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 6/vocabulario
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 6/gramatica: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 6/gramatica
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 6/literatura: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 6/literatura
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 5/literatura: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 5/literatura
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 7/gramatica: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 7/gramatica
Spanish 3/workbook/unit 7/literatura
spanish 3/unidad 7/grammar: session spanish 3/unidad 7/grammar
Spanish 3/Unidad 7/Vocabulario: session spanish 3/unidad 7/vocabulario
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 7/vocabulario: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 7/vocabulario
Spanish 3/workbook/Unidad 1/Leccion 1/Vocabulario: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 1/vocabulario 1
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 1/estructuras gramaticas: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 1/gramatica
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 1/literatura: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 1/literatura
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 2/vocabulario: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 2/vocabulario/a
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 2/grammar: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 2/grammar
Spanish 3/workbook/Unidad 3/estructuras gramatica: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 3/gramatica 2
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 4/vocabulario: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 4/vocabulario
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 4/estructura: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 4/estructura 2
spanish 3/workbook/unidad 4/literatura: session spanish 3/workbook/unidad 4/literatura
Spanish 3/workbook/unidad 6/gramatica: session spanish 3/workbook/unit 6/grammar/b
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