Menotti (Span 1)
Saint Joseph Catholic High School

Please read the FAQs below:

Q: It says that Professor Alex Salvo is my teacher. Should I email him with my questions?

A: No. Señor Menotti is your teacher, so don't pay any attention to the places where it says that Señor Salvo is the teacher. Contact Sr. Menotti with your concerns (email is at the bottom).

Q: Do I have to do all of this stuff? That's a lot!

A: You absolutely have to do all of the "workbook" items below. There are other things like hangman, challenge board, ect. that are there for you to use as study tools, but do not have to be completed

Q: When is the workbook stuff due?

A: All workbook due dates are "unidad" test dates. For example, the unidad 1 test in Spanish 2 was 9/12/11. If there had been workbook items assigned below, you would have had to complete it all by 9/12/11 (11:59 pm at the very very latest).

Q: Should I complete the workbooks for each lección as we talk about them in class?

A: I HIGHLY recommend doing this for a couple of reasons: 1) It will help you study what was covered in class consistently. 2) You won't have to do all of the workbooks at the last minute before or on a test day. 3) You will practice Spanish a lot more, so you will develop your Spanish skills much better.

Q: How will you know if I complete the workbook for each unit by the 11:59 pm test day deadline?

A: Quia records the exact time that you submit something online, so if I see something that is submitted after 11:59 pm on the day of a test, then I won't accept your score; it will become a zero. Synchronize your clocks with Quia's time so that you don't run into surprises. I won't accept sad stories about how your clock said you still had 10 minutes, no matter how true they may be.

Q: What if it's the day of a test and I'm chuggin along on the workbook and it's 11:57 pm and I'm only half way done with a workbook?

A: Make sure you submit your workbooks by 11:59 pm no matter how much you've completed. I will accept whatever you've completed and give you points for what you've done as long as you do this. Take what you can get if you find yourself in this situation (you shouldn't, but... if it does happen...). Some points are better than no points!

Any other questions or concerns should be emailed to

-- Sr. Menotti
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