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The Bronx H.S. of Smartness - 337R Annual Science Fair coordinator
SCIENCE FAIR APPLICANTS: If you already know your TOPIC, and are ready NOW to fill out an OFFICIAL OFFICIAL BRONX HISH SCHOOL OF SMARTNESS SCIENCE/MATH/TECHNOWLOGY OFFICIAL EXPOSITION '2001 APPLICATION... skip all the text below, and skip to the LINKS. Click on the very first [top, uppermost] link and click on it by putting the blinking cursor of your mouse control on the link icon, and then pushing down firmly on the middle button, OKay? It's already pretty late to get started on your science project, so stop wasting time and just get going. If you haven't visited our school's library, do so and speak to Mrs. V. Lampach. She'll give you materials to get started on background research. Once you get familiar with using lib. facitlities, try using your home computer to do some online Internet searches. You can't read everything, so develop a prioritized reading list. Don't read anything too boring. If everything on your topic bores you... pick another topic. Click on the hot linked WEBSITE for you below now. Get ready to download stuff. Come back to this website AFTER you've accumulated your priority readings list. Enter this website on your computer memory as a "favourite", FRESHMEN- Did your Regents Teacher announce the date of the ScienceMathTechExpo'2001? If not, click here ( ) and go to www.quia.com/pages/sbpa .html ( ) yes ( ) ALL GRADES: If you want to be guaranteed a library table (we are overcrowded), be sure to submit the Orange = Biol. Official Science Expo'001 Application Form", obtainable from your sci. teacher, and due into the 329D YELLOW BOX. Or place into the Mailbox below the Name


ENTER NOW; If your project has been OK'd by your Regents Science Teacher, you can enter the Expo' on-line, by clicking on the 1st HYPERLINK below [www.QUIA.com/pages/sciencefair.html] Otherwise, you can still be in the Fair, but no table, OK? If you need electricity, click here ( ). . . . . . . . . . . . fold here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - PLACE COMPLETED FORM IN YELLOW BOX - 329D - - - ***NOTE: To return to this website you have to go to "www.quia.com/pages/sciencefair.html" THEN CLICK on hyperlink "sciencexpo2000" (which represents '2001) or click on "sbpa.html" sorry: ): .
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