careersclass Mrs. Muscat
Jerome High School Careers Instructor
Careers Class Week of September 18, 2000

Course Objective: Use the six careers pathways to categorize occupations, compare and contrast academic skills identified as important in each pathway, operate CIS, and create a personal occupational organizational model.

This week, we will be working on the following:
1.  Magazine articles  
Each student is a journalist working for Tiger Tracks career magazine.  It is his/her task to write an exciting article on a chosen career and then work with team members to organize the articles within the six career pathways.  The magazine will then be presented to 6th grade students in the Jerome School District, as well as business and education leaders in our community.

Project Description
First, students will research a career found within their chosen pathway.  They will evaluate styles found in magazine articles and choose a style that is exciting and energetic.  Their articles will include the following:
· A job description
· Salary information
· Employment outlook
· A suggested plan of secondary and postsecondary study
· Sources for additional information
Students will then break up into teams organized around the six career pathways.  They will organize a cover page for their pathway consisting of a logo and a description of their pathway.
Finally, as a class students will design and organize the magazine.  Students will peer edit the magazine articles and complete an evaluation.  They will prepare the magazine for publication.  Students will develop a plan for presenting and distributing the magazine to 6th grade students, educational leaders, and community leaders.

Performance Specifications
Students will give a written and oral presentation that demonstrates the use of a variety of resources and the following skills:
Technical Using CIS and the Internet to research articles; using Word to complete written work
Academic Reading publications to gain information and analyze writing styles; using 6 Trait writing criteria to complete their written presentations
Thinking Synthesizing information from a wide range of sources; evaluation of sample articles; completing self and peer evaluations of written work
Personal Working with and learning from others; being self-directed; organizing and planning work; gaining ownership and pride in the completed effort

Each student will complete a 2-3 page article with bibliography.  Sources will include at least one Internet site, one Career Bibliography, and CIS.  A work plan from each team must be submitted detailing team roles and responsibilities

Boys play away on Wednesday.
Girls play home Wednesday at 5:00
9th grade is away on Tuesday at 5:00
Varsity is home on Tuesday.  This is Pack the Gym Night
9th grade is away on Thursday

This week is Homecoming, so let your spirit show!  This year's theme is Leading the Way.  Lots of fun activities during the week. Take part and you will have fun!

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