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CHECK OUT THE LINKS TO THE Quia GAMES TO HELP PRACTICE VOCABULARY on the External Links Page. You can also get the assignment sheet, notes and other things using the links. I think you might enjoy playing some of them, it will not even seem like you are studying...........:

My Quia activities and quizzes
AP Govt--Elections and Campaigns Vocab quiz
Branches of U.S. Government
Checks & Balances
U.S. Government Overview Matchup
Principles of Government Quiz
pacemaker government unit 2
Branches of U.S. Government
Government Ch 1-3 Vocab. Review #2
Foundations of Government
Principles of Government Quiz
Principles of the Constitution
American Constitution
U.S. Government Overview Matchup
Government Vocabulary
Unit 1: Foundations of Government
US Government Jeopardy
US Government Jeopardy
State and Local Government TEST
Three Branches of Government Review
Principles of Government Quiz
Amendments Matching
American Government Chapter 6 Magruder's Battleship
Unit II: Branches of Government Hangman - Game 2
American Government Chapter 16 Magruder's Rags to Riches
Gov 3
AP Government--Gideon v. Wainwright
Chapter 14 and 15 Vocabulary
Analyzing Election Advertising - Public
The Constitution Test part 1 B
Branches of the Government
US Government Jeopardy
Constitutional Jeopardy
27 Amendments
Government Review
Gov 1
Gov 2
Useful links
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