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Marysville High School Parliamentary Procedure
Use this as a resource to prepare for state Parliamentary Procedure.  There may be typo's-I type really fast and love spell check, but spell check does not exist on Quia.  Plus, the faster I type and the more activities and quizes I put in, the more you can learn from them :) Have fun and good luck.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Parli Pro Word Game
Basic Parliamentary Procedure
Privileged Motions
Subsidiary Motions
Privileged Motions and Subsidiary Motions
Motions Matching 2
Motions Matching 1
Motions Challenge Board
National FFA Par-Law 1997 Exam
Par-Law Test 1
Par-Law Test 2
Par-Law 3
Random Questions Par Law Test
Par Law Test 4
Par Law Pop Up
Par Law Rags to Richess II
Rags to Richess III
State Parlaw Test 2006
District Par-law test 2
State 2003 Parlaw Test
Parliamentary Procedure National Test 1999
PRACTICE Kansas Parlaw Test (25 questions)
2007 District Par Law test
Parliamentary Terms-Group 1 and 2
Parliamentary Procedure deliberative assembly Battleship 2008
Conduct of Business Battleship
Parlaw 2008 Test Prep 1
Parliamentary Procedure Battleship Motions 1
Parliamentary Procedure Rags to Riches Motions
Parliamentary Procedure Rags to Riches Motions II
Handling a Motion
Parliamentary Procedure-Conduct of Business
Handling a Motion True/False Quiz-2008 Prep
District Parlaw Test
2008 ParLaw Test Prep 2
Par-Law Battleship
Par-Law Battleship Dos
Parliamentary Procedure Challenge Board
Par Law Battleship
Rags to Riches 4
Parlaw questions
Par Law Motions
Scrambled Motions
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