Here are some addresses to some on-line verb conjugators.  Many of these were compiled by "Tennessee Bob" Peckham.

Le Devoir conjugal [French verb conjugator+]

Caltech Language Program - French Verb Conjugator

Conjugue Homepage (multi-lingual verb conjugator)

French Verb Conjugator (

Le CyberTRUC: Conjugaison des Verbes

French verb conjugation

Verb Conjugation (through ARTFL)

ARTFL Project: Verb Conjugation Using the INFL Analyzer

ARTFL Project Verb Conjugation

French VerbConjugation Reference

Conjugaison verbale


Conjugaison francaise aux temps simples

Le Conjugueur - French Verb Conjugator

La conjugaison franaise (Java Applet Conjugator)

Useful links
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