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Welcome to the SyLLabUs of Cymbal Donkey Slam 105!!
this is the lesson of day 1, after which you are prepared to take TEST I: CYMBAL DONKEY GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TEST #173289.
Use this lesson as notes, and once proficient, proceed to take TEST I to earn credit. It will tell you how to take the test at the bottom. (if you play cymbals, you should know everything on there mr. smartypants, there will be some things not on here that are on the test to just see if you know them LIKE YOU SHOULD, so eat grapes!)

The first lesson covers.........


I.  Properties of the cymbal
    -Its round
    -It crashes, the sound is LOUD

Cymbals are multi-colored thingies that you use to play in percussion WITHOUT STICKS.  There are two, one in each hand, and they are of similar radius. 


II.  Brands of cymbals

     -there are several popular brands such as Zildian, Sabian, paiste, and not Sambuka Incorporated!!
     -they are Multi-colored!!

III.  History

     -played by monkeys
The cymbal has been the popular instrument of the chinese clapping monkey for years, then suddenly, they grew into the use of actual percussion.
     -the relevance of the bell
When they were first created, they were only flat discs, but some innovation discovering that the bell addition created something that created 2 sound in 1 (and it was easier to create mounts for) and provided resonance... the bell was born

Bell - that cup shaped thingie in the center of the cymbal
(I'm a Definition, Remember me!!)

Dispite the belief of other alternatives, the cymbal is only created with metal alloy. Accept no substitutes!

   -metal alloy will tarnish
   -it will dent
   -steel is not an acceptible substitute for metal alloy.

  Take note that Jamie Kelley is the best and most well-known cymbal player in high school today, and that is why she is the captain and owner of all other players.  All questions are directed towards her.  Next year, Jamie will be writing her dissertation to become a Ph.D in cymbal performance, so don't mess with her.

  Final thing to note that will appear on your test is that cymbals are round for a simple reason...SQUARE IS STUPID.  The only other possible shape of the cymbal is square, when it was introduced into the marching bands of russia in 1850,  many were stabbed needlessly.  If you wanted triangle shaped, go play the triangle and dont come into my house.  Therefore, CIRCULAR is the only option for cymbal shape.

THIS IS ALL MATERIAL COVERED IN DAY 1.  YOU ARE PREPARED, PROCEED TO TAKE (TEST 1: Cymbal Donkey General Knowlege Test) to earn credit before next class lesson.

1. Go to
2. Click 'Take a quiz session'.  Its in green i think.
3. It will ask for a session name, this is important.  the     name of the session is 'cymbal test' (of course with out the     quotation (') thingies).  Type cymbal test into session   type.
4.  Type your name in the name box and begin!
good gravy!

If you have questions, E-mail me. Address above somewhere.

Thank you, Good Day!
Dr. Foster
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Cymbal Donkey General Knowledge Test
TEST I : Take me to earn credit!!
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