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“Vanity Fair” is a classic novel written by William Makepeace Thackeray and was first published on 1847 by Punch Magazine. The story is about a never-ending fair in a town called Vanity. "Vanity Fair" book reviews discuss the plot, characters and themes found in the novel.

In writing "Vanity Fair" book reviews, you should first identify the book by giving its full title, the author of the book, its date and place of publication, and its edition. "Vanity Fair" book reviews should also include an overview of the story’s plot highlighting the important events needed for the analysis. A brief biography of the author, William Makepeace Thackeray, an English novelist of the 19th century who became famous because of his satirical works should then follow in "Vanity Fair" book reviews. In addition, "Vanity Fair" book reviews should examine the characters of the story such as Amelia Sedley, Becky Sharp, Rawdon Crawley, Sir Pitt Crawley, Miss Matilda Crawley, George Osborne, William Dobbin and Jos Sedley. Finally, "Vanity Fair" book reviews should explain the themes about heroism and social values.

Before writing "Vanity Fair" book reviews, you might find it helpful to read other book reviews such as “Sister Carrie” book reviews, "To the Lighthouse" book reviews and “Oliver Twist” book reviews to gain more ideas about what should be discussed in a book review. Finding reliable sources on “Vanity Fair” is also critical to writing an informative, well-thought out paper, as is reading examples of “Vanity Fair” book reviews from the paper writing service, which can help you gain more insight into the meaning of the story.

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