Spanish 1 - Class Description and Syllabus
One Day Academy Spanish Instructor
The Spanish 1 course is designed for one full high school foreign language credit. The text, Spanish 1 from BJU Press, presents the basics of the Spanish language as spoken in Latin America. Students learn greetings, verb conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammatical structures. They also expand their horizons through the cultural/historical highlights and get a glimpse of the Spanish-speaking world as a mission field. Students will develop a beginning reading and conversational ability. The material will emphasize understanding and practical application rather than rote memory. Students should have a basic understanding of English grammar, preferably through the seventh grade, before beginning this course. New vocabulary and grammar skills are introduced weekly. The 75 minute class will enable the student to complete approximately 3-3½ hours of work at home consisting of memory work, written exercises, on-line assignments, quizzes and tests. Daily work and class participation are essential for success in the class.

Spanish 1 Syllabus

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