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Welcome the the Buckholts Social Studies study page. Use the following links to help you prepare for the TAKS tests. Remember information from other test areas given at previous level are included in EXIT tests. So make sure you work through all areas.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Social Studies--8th American History Vocabulary
Social Studies--8th American History Dates and Supreme Court Cases
Badger American History 100 Facts
Number the Presidents
The Three Branches of Government
13 Colonies
13 Original Colonies
27 Amendment Quiz
27 Amendments
4 The different colonial regions
4th-U.S.Constitution Quiz
Amendments to the Constitution
American Faces
American History Grades K-3
American Revolution
American Revolution
Articles of Confederation
Bill of Rights
Countries and Capitals
U.S. State Capitals
Geography of the World
Top 10 - Largest Cities in the US
Europe's Countries and Capitals
Canada: Provinces and Capitals
Geography and Map Skills
Geography of the World - Map and Globe Skills
Latitude and Longitude Quiz
Countries of the World
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Geography World - Ecosystems / Biomes
Continents and Oceans
Geography of the World
Earth's physical features
World Capitals
Geography skills
Water, Climate, and Vegetation - 2002 edition
World's People
#Ecosystems (A level)
Water, Climate, and Vegetation
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