Credit Recovery 8th Grade
Del Valle ISD Social Studies Department Social Studies Coordinator


Have some fun while you review the content you'll be going over during the summer. The and games come highly recommended and will help you be more prepared for high school.

Get your family involved too. Play these games as you prepare to celebrate the 4th of July!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Jamestown, Plymouth, or Both
Colonization Review
13 Colonies
Colonization Posttest
Beginnings in America
American Revolution Part 1 Jeopardy
American Revolution
Revolution Posttest
Bill of Rights
The Early Republic - A Review
Declaration, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, or Bill of Rights?
Cashin' In On Your Constitution
Early Republic - Constitution Posttest
American Industrialization
Westward Expansion Posttest
Civil War - North or South
Civil War Hangmen
Sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction Review- DA 5 Review
Post Civil War
How MUCH do YOU know about the Civil War?
Post Civil War Practice
Civil War & Reconstruction Posttest
Historical Points of View
8th Grade Geography Exam
Economics and the 13 Colonies
US History - Colonial Challenge!
People to Know US History to 1865
Industrialization Vocabulary
Who's Smart Enough To Be An 8th Grade History Buff? Florida History Edition
US I Regions and Waterways
U.S. Government Overview Matchup
Foundations of Government
Lawmaking and Federalism
West Exp Millionaire II
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